My Strange Nostalgia for the Future

Abdel Ibrahim

It’s important to retrace your steps now and then –not for the sake of dwelling on the past so much as remembering where you came from and how you got to where you are.  It also serves to let you know the trajectory that is leading to your future. We tend to think of our individual life journeys as straight forward linear experiences, just as we view time itself.  But when you think about it, life is more cyclical in nature, and the paths we take are anything but straight.  Continue reading

Never Doubt Hatchery Trout

ashita1Abdel Ibrahim

You are in your mid thirties, not your mid twenties.  I keep getting reminders of this inconvenient truth in some form or another.  Last year reality bit me hard on two chilling occasions. The first time was when, upon reaching my goal of running twenty miles a week, my right knee cartilage started crunching every time I took a step down the stairs.  The other was when my barber mistakenly took my double cowlick for thinning hair.  I had never understood men who cried about going bald until the reality, however fleeting, that it was happening to me was right in my face.

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Ryusuke Hayashi

ryusuke peacockI first met Ryusuke Hayashi at a roof top barbeque hosted by Kazuhiro Uyama in the summer of 2007.  My memory of much of the night is blurry as there was no shortage of booze, but there were the memorable highlights like gorging on some wicked Matsuzaka beef, drinking tequila shots with Reiko Kojima, and chopping it up all night with Ryusuke about all kinds of cool stuff.  We talked about fishing, photography, and what it was like being a foreign resident of another country.  That night the biggest revelation for me was that there were actually micropterus on the European continent.  From our conversations I could see he had the kind of positive outlook on life we should all aspire to cultivate within ourselves. Continue reading

Walking the Mountain Streams of Nikko


Kazunori Miura                                                                                                 underwatergraffiti.com

I live in a famous city in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan called Nikko, which houses a World Heritage site.  Many visitors are drawn by the town’s history and legends of a bygone era.  The bank of the Daiya River, where I do most of my trout fishing, is the stage where many of Nikko’s ancient stories are said to have taken place.  While fishing here, I can’t help but get wrapped up in the allure of this river and it’s mysteries. Continue reading

Eat Your Bait

sardinesAbdel Ibrahim

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are all aware of the possibility that several of the world’s most appreciated and revered game fish species may go extinct from over-exploitation during our lifetimes.  The demise of iconic fish like bluefin, whether pending or probable, is not something I want to address so much as what I see as some alternative fishes we can enjoy to keep this from happening. Continue reading

The El Dorado of European Sea Bass

Sabon Abdel

All European sea bass anglers dream of the day their baits cross paths with a beautiful fish –one that bends their rods and makes their reels sing like none before. Unfortunately, most of these fishermen will also confirm that true trophy sea bass are becoming rare and harder to catch.  Several factors contribute to this problem such as overfishing, pollution, boating, and not least of all, the increasing number of lure anglers. Continue reading

GPC Neptune Spear

NS1It’s really early in this latest chapter of our tackle development experience at GPC, but we decided to design some custom topwater rods after being approached by a builder with a lot of street cred and knowledge to share.  For our first rod we wanted to make something to use in Sagami Bay, just south of Tokyo where we do most of our fishing.  The blank has a lot of grunt and can handle some serious drag, but is also perfectly balanced for stickbaiting with plugs up to 140 grams.  The range of lure sizes and line strengths that can be used on this platform is unrivaled in this class, and should make it attractive as an all-rounder saltwater rod. Continue reading



Luke Wyrsta

Socotra is the ultimate destination for adventurer anglers who are willing to step outside their respective comfort zones.  Often described as one of the most alien places on Earth, the island is home to some of the most rare and unusual flora and fauna found anywhere.  In fact, there are over 700 species occurring nowhere else. Continue reading

The Underdogs


In an article I posted last year on my experience as a handmade stickbait designer and builder I mentioned that from around 2010 the number of available models suddenly went from four or so to a few dozen.  Of these, only a few managed to gain the kind of popularity and near instantaneous sellouts at proshops that had been the norm with earlier models –namely the Carpenter Gamma. Continue reading

Street Fishing Voyager


Shota Jenkins Konno

Fishing with an expert or professional fishing guide is always a good experience. Even though you might end up with no catch, there are often a lot of things you can learn, and of course you are taken to where your guide believes there are fish, at least.  A decent guide would never ask you to toss your line into unknown water just to see if there are any around and get paid, while asking himself, I wonder if there are any fish around? Continue reading